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APIEA believes that international programs can broaden students’ perspectives by experiencing an intercultural study environment to adapt to the globalized world. To create opportunities and enable more students to study abroad in Asia-Pacific, APIEA offers various scholarship programs.


COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on all aspects of life. Study abroad programs have been canceled or postponed. Many international education organizations or study abroad-related departments at institutions faced restructuring and furloughs due to global disruptions. Billions of people have been affected severely. To support institutions, families, and students who are eager to Begin Again with their international studies in 2021-2023, APIEA offers $100,000 worth of scholarship to students participating in international programs, prioritizing destinations in the Asia Pacific.

APIEA TO YOU (APTU) Scholarship

APIEA TO YOU Scholarship is a need-based scholarship of $25,000 granted by APIEA each year to students on study abroad programs. Scholarship selection is based on academic performance, community involvement, financial need, and inclusion in traditionally underrepresented communities in study abroad programs.

Eligibility and Participant

Eligibility will be prioritized for participants in international programs that were planned or will be planned to visit the Asia Pacific.

Open to application by faculty-led study abroad, international internship, language study, and semester-long program participants.

For requesting scholarship funding, a detailed request for proposal should be submitted to APIEA for review. Upon receipt, a program proposal including scholarship opportunities will be developed and delivered to your institution.

Request for proposal submission can either be provided by a study abroad administrator or a faculty leader.

The Begin Again Asia Pacific scholarship is prioritizing program based, which means APIEA will not grant the scholarship to individual student. Individual students can apply APIEA TO YOU scholarship if needed.

Eligibility and Participant

Students who are enrolled in a study abroad program will be eligible to apply for the APTU Scholarship.

Eligibility will be prioritized for students who participate in a program to Asia-Pacific.

To apply for scholarship funding, students are encouraged to send resumes, transcripts and other information related to eligibility to


If your organization is interested in jointly developing scholarships with APIEA to expand global learning opportunities available to students, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us.


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