Logistic Support

APIEA is devoted to offering you the highest quality services included in each study abroad program.


Partnered with a large variety of lodging facilities, APIEA can meet your expectation regarding accommodation options, including international chain hotels, local star hotels, hostels, guesthouses, homestays, dormitories, traditional local housing, capsules, temples, camps, etc.


APIEA provides different sorts of transportation to maximize your local experience. You will be taking flights, high-speed trains, regular trains, coaches, or ferries for city-to-city transportation; and private chartered buses, public buses, subways, taxis, or shared bikes for daily transportation.


Breakfast is usually included at the lodging facility unless your group is staying in a dorm, guesthouse, capsule, or other special arrangement. We recommend including one welcome dinner to kick off the program and one farewell dinner to wrap up the program. Please let us know how many meals you want to include in the program. 

English Guide 

An English-speaking tour guide will be arranged for historical and cultural sightseeing where required. APIEA has a strict screening process to recruit a professional English Guides with experience working with educational student groups. They will provide historical and cultural context for program participants.

Student Ambassador 

Student Ambassadors are local students, who have been rigorously evaluated and trained through our Student Ambassador Program. During the program, your students can interact with local student ambassadors, building lifelong friendships, and learning more about the local culture throughout their entire experience. The student ambassadors will be onsite with the group each day during the program providing 24/7 support and working closely with the faculty leader and students, to ensure a safe and life-changing experience.

Culture and Hands-on Experience

In addition to regular cultural site visits, APIEA brings cultural immersion to the next level by including unique hands-on cultural experiences and tours based on your preference.


To travel in the Asia Pacific, you are often required to get a visa or special travel certificate. APIEA’s experienced team will assist in your visa processing, providing document and templates for all relevant information for participants.

International Flight

APIEA can help you find the best flight solution for you. Just let your program manager know your preferred departure/arrival time and destination and you will be in good hands.  

Emergency Support

One emergency contact will be provided in each location to provide 24/7 support.

Need any support?

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